The way of setting Goals and Achieving them

Most people you meet have at least some unfulfilled dreams and things they always wanted to accomplish. While other people are really good at achieving things in life.

So what are the differences with achievers from non-achievers? Luck? Maybe. Hard work? Definitely. They have goals? Bingo.

But wait a minute, don`t we all have goals? Well, yes but there is a huge difference between a goal and a goal with a plan. When you ask someone what their dream is, you usually get answers like: “I wanna have money” or in our industry “I wanna be fit”. These are very lofty and frustrating goals. But it gets worse. When you ask why they want it they usually give you some answer like “because it`s good” or “my life would be better this way”.

The key to fulfilling your dreams and achieving your goals starts with your own motivation. It`s the “how bad do you want it" rule. Lack of motivation stems usually from two things –

1.      Having no clear goal

2.      Having no goal at all

If you want to achieve something you first need a clear vision what you want. You want to have money? How much do you want? By when do you want to have it? Want to be fit? What is fit for you? Running a marathon, squat 2 times bodyweight or being able to play with your kids?

Set a goal. Even if you have to adjust it a little later down the road. Don`t worry if you set the bar high. It is much better to set a high target and miss it just slightly then to set a low one and achieve it without problems.

You need a clear vision of your why. If you want to stay motivated you need to know why you are doing what you are doing. Without a purpose you will quit. Don`t waste your time with things you don`t want.

Once you are sure of what exactly it is you want and why, you can start to break down the bigger picture into smaller sections. For example, if you want to get in shape and be able to squat 100kg in 12 months from now, you should set smaller targets like I will train 3 times per week. From there you can plan your weekly goals and even daily goals. It doesn`t have to be always the big step that propels you right to the top. As long as you keep working on your dreams and keep moving forward you will achieve the best possible result.

Start now! Write  down your goals and what will motivate you. Work out a plan. Pin your goal somewhere where you see it every day and follow through.