10 reasons for Crow Martial Arts


  1. Diversity of skills - there are many different styles in Martial Arts and they all have certain elements that can be very effective. At Crow we incorporate different techniques from a variety of styles to give you the most well rounded Martial Arts experience.
  2. Qualifications - All of our instructors are highly qualified and possess long time experience in various styles of Martial Arts and Sports Science.
  3. Goal setting and achievment - whether you want to become a black belt, get in shape, be able to defend yourself or simply want to have fun and meet new people, we commit to your goal and help you achieve your full potential.
  4. More than just techniques - at Crow we will help you to gain a deeper understanding of Martial Arts principles and yourself.
  5. Life skill program - Crow offers a high value Life Skills program to all our younger students. The program is specifically designed to ensure a gained understanding of important values such as discipline, focus and confidence and safety skills like self-defence and dealing with strangers.
  6. Structure - Crow Martial Arts has a unique curriculum to which gives you a systematic progression from white belt to Black belt. Our classes are structured to cater for different age and learning speed to give each member the highest benefit.
  7. Atmosphere - Crow offers a great and safe environment for all students. We nurture a friendly and fun atmosphere and welcome all new students as part of our Crow family. Our team ensures great motivation for all our students. 
  8. Physical and mental benefits -