At Crow we teach our students appropriate ways to deal with dangerous situations.  Our age specific programs are tailored to focus on understanding and avoidance of difficult situations.

We believe that prevention is better than cure.  That is why communication skills and de-escalation methods play an important role in our way of teaching.  Students will learn how to avoid becoming a victim in the first place.  In addition, we teach effective martial arts techniques to solve even a worst case scenario.

Our children’s classes have integrated anti-bullying programs that help your child to -

  • Build confidence
  • Deal with strangers
  • Identify and avoid dangerous situations
  • Build communication skills and de-escalation tactics
  • Defend themselves when a situation can`t be solved otherwise  
  • Speak up and help when others are bullied

Our program for adults target situations of daily life and how to deal with different scenarios.  Which include -

  • Awareness of locations and possible risks
  • Avoiding becoming a victim
  • Verbal skills and de-escalation
  • Body language
  • Effective techniques and strategies against one or muliple attackers
  • Helping others that are attacked
  • Multiple strategies for women when attacked by men