Kids program

Welcome to the Crow Martial Arts programs for kids. 

Crow is a family friendly martial arts school that offers classes for children from the age of 4 years onward. Our curriculum and classes are carefully structured to teach children the values and skills of martial arts, while providing them with a challenging, yet fun and safe learning environment.

At Crow we create a culture that allows young students to experience and understand the importance of core values such as respect, discipline and focus of mind. The outcome of continued practice at Crow goes far beyond the accomplishments on the mats and carries over into the childrens behaviour at home and at school, where they demonstrate better attention and improved learning skills.

Under the guidance of our experienced instructor team all students are encouraged to achieve their full individual potential and develop their character to mature into a future leader/role model.

Our successful martial arts classes benefit kids in many different ways. 

Your child will:

  • develop a better focus of mind
  • become more disciplined
  • improve his/her social skills and make new friends
  • gain confidence
  • learn communication and leadership skills
  • be able to stand up against a bully
  • have better overall fitness and health
  • have fun

Start your child in our martial arts program by booking your FREE intro lessons today, with absolutely no obligations.


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Did you know....?

Life Skills program - At Crow Martial Arts we nurture a learning environment beyond martial arts training. Part of our curriculum is our Life skill program that educates children on a variety of values and safety topics. All children are encouraged to enhance their knowledge and earn their badges by demonstrating their skills inside and outside of Crow.  

Quality training time - We are dedicated to provide your child with the best learning environment to get the most benefit while enjoying your time at Crow Martial Arts. That is why we at Crow ensure the quality of your our training sessions by having multiple instructors on the mat during each one of our classes. Your child will enjoy the benefits of increased individual attention by our qulified team members.

Private classes - I you want to make up for missed classes or would like to improve certain aspects of your technique, you can book a private training session with an instructor of your choice. For more information click here.

We also offer private classes for children. You can choose a 30 minute or 60 minute session with one of our instructors for undivided attention.

FREE trial for all new students - We want to ensure that all kids enjoy the classes at Crow. New members receive an extended trial free of any charge and obligations. This includes a one-on-one session with an instructor followed by a free trial in class. 

Choose your own training times -  Kids are busy these days and we know it can be difficult to arrange your time. That`s why we at Crow let you decide when you want to come in and train. We offer a flexible timetable that leaves you in charge and gives you the greatest freedom to plan your schedule.

The ongoing Crow programs can be joined at any time without having any prior knowledge in martial arts. All our programs have no lock-in contracts

On your free trial

When you first visit Crow Martial Arts you will be welcomed by our friendly staff. On the day you will receive a booklet with all the informations regarding the school and the programs available. Parents are encouraged to stay and watch the entire practice from our viewing area. 

Please ensure that you arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the regular class. All our classes start on time. Arriving early will give us enough time to teach your child some simple basic techniques before he/she can join the others in class. After completing the one on one session with our instructor your child will be asked to join the rest of the students in the warm up area where we introduce them to the others. Our experienced instructor team will assist your child  activities throughout the entire class.   

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